Henri Achten [NL/CZ]

Henri H. Achten

(*1967) - Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Architecture, Cabinet of Architectural Modelling


BIM for design – requirements and promises 


[Anotace] The Building Information Model concept allows professionals in the Building & Construction Industry to work together on projects, share information, and maintain a consistent model of the project. The design process however has many phases, each of which has its own characteristics. Does BIM fit all these phases well, or are there special requirements that need to be fulfilled from the technology side and the professionals side? The presentation will focus on these questions, and outline a number of future promises of BIM.

[CV] PhD doctorate (1997) in the Technical Sciences at Eindhoven University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, supervisors Thijs Bax and Robert Oxman. After that post-doc researcher (-2000) and assistant professor at Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning of Eindhoven University of Technology until 2010. Since 2005 assistant professor at Faculty of Architecture of Czech Technical University in Prague. In 2007 acquired habilitation docent (associate professor) at Faculty of Architecture of Czech Technical University. From 2001-2005 was vice-president of eCAADe, and in 2005-2009 was president of eCAADe. Member of Editorial Board of IJAC, IJDC, CG&G, and Peer Review College of the Danish Council for Scientific Research.